Product Description

The Techno Saw is designed & manufacture by Essetre.

A European company was founded in 1979 and for over 40 years has specialised in woodworking machines.

This Essetre CNC saw is highly flexible and accurate.

The machine features a double output head 5 axis head in order to process on all 6 sides of the element. One side of the head has a fixed blade, the other a milling/drilling tool which can be changed automatically with the optional 8 position rotary tool change.

What can you achieve with the Essetre Techno Saw?

  • Cutting of multiple pieces at once (automatic stacking option available)
  • Trenching of top/bottom plates with the standard milling/drilling output
  • Cutting of wall frame materials
  • Cutting of roof/floor truss components
  • Mitre cuts with the milling head
  • Custom machining
  • Cutting of I-joists for floor cassettes and milling of openings for services penetrations.
  • Drilling of studs for wiring/plumbing penetrations.

Max board working dimensions mm 12,000mm L* x 450mm W x 150mm H

* unlimited length with manual loading.





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