Randek AutoEye Truss System

Product Description

AutoEyeTruss System in Brief

SF022 AutoEyeTruss system is a system developed for automatic production of roof trusses. The system combines an extreme capacity with high industrialized quality. The automatic press visually identifies the roof truss and picks, places, positions and presses the nail plates to the roof truss automatically. The pressing force is adapted to the nail plate and timber thickness, thus the pressing result is perfect. The system can handle any shape and type of the roof truss and is working with accordance to eurocode 2010.

  • High production capacity of roof trusses, cycle time 9 seconds per nail plate
  • High quality due to automatic production process
  • Adaptive pressing force, thus perfect pressing result regardless of size of nail plate and timber dimension
  • Zero set-up time for press
  • Automatic pressing
  • Automatic picking, placing and positioning of nail plates, including automatic control system for placement of nail plates according to Eurocode 2010
  • Automatic stacking of the produced roof truss
  • Each nail plate is placed exactly right relative to the joint. The press visually identifies each joint and position the nail plate exactly even if the truss has a deviation in length or shape
  • Possibility to log and measure production quantity.

AutoEye Truss System brochure



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