Randek AutoWall System

Product Description

Auto Wall System in Brief

Randek’s S3000 Auto Wall System is a wall production line for production of wall frames with sheathing and optionally breather membrane on one side. The Auto Wall System s3000 production line is completely CAD-controlled which means that it’s controlled from automatically generated computer files. The walls are produced with maximum length to maximize usage for every station. In the end of the line the walls are cut to size, before stacking.

  • Advanced system for manufacturing of wall elements
  • CAD/CAM controlled machines
  • Automatic setup of the machines: Allows for production with constant change in wall height, length and thickness without losing efficiency or time
  • Automatic alignment of the wall elements: Grippers automatically pulls top and bottom plate against a mechanical stop, clamps and aligns the wall
  • Clear and easy graphical instructions on screen at the stations
  • High security level: Safety mats between stations. Light beams and run-over protection on the bridges
  • Automatic transport of wall elements: Transport between stations with frequency controlled drives to ensure high speed and soft start and stop. Plate-Top conveyors are used to protect the panels and allows for heavy wall elements

Autowall brochure


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