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The TOP TOWER asphalt plant is designed to minimise cost and space usage, for high-performance, low emissions and high safety to exceed expectations.

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Product Description

High level performance

This highly functional and efficient plant is the result of constant dialogue with our clients together with over 50 years’ experience in the sector. The compact nature of the site with maximum use of space results in considerable reduction in assembly time and maintenance. The modular layout gives the client the chance to add new modules whenever necessary, which means that he can cater for different working requirements over time. Thanks to the lengthy experience of our technical team, MARINI can offer assistance in the upgrading of the plant with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions, which comply perfectly with even the strictest quality controls.


The best solution for producing all types of asphalt

The Marini Asphalt TOP TOWER Plant can produce all types of asphalt, both traditional hot asphalts and cold asphalts, plus also the most recent warm asphalts.
The mixer and the bitumen tank are set up for metering all types of additives, even the latest generation types.

Recycling means greater profits

Strong in their knowledge of the ethical value of using recycled materials, MARINI is also convinced that using RAP is a necessary choice for any entrepreneur who wants to ensure high profit margins. This is why MARINI specialists have designed the standard lay-out of the plant so that any integration of parts for use with recycled materials can be made a later date.
We find the same solutions already installed on other MARINI plants.
The dryer drum is always set up with a recycling ring for the introduction of RAP feed at any future date after the initial installation. Up to 40% RAP can be fed directly into the mixer, with a simple installation on the cold feed line, consisting of one or two hoppers which feed a bucket elevator, integrated to a weigh belt for correct metering of the material before it is fed into the plant.
For greater flexibility and good RAP percentages, we advise our clients to install both solutions, and to invest in the dryer drum dedicated to RAP only if recycling is forecasted to be higher than 50%.


Energy savings

The Marini TOP TOWER Asphalt Plant features optimised gas circuit, completely insulated modules, high efficiency burner to limit energy dispersion and fuel consumption: this is the attention to detail that makes all the difference and ensures the correct operation of the asphalt plant as a whole, without any useless energy waste.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Respect for the health and safety of both the workforce and the environment are essential values which have always been followed by MARINI in their plant design. Each module is easily accessible by ladder and spacious levels are provided for easy maintenance operations to be carried out. Emergency push buttons and safety keys located in all areas of the plant mean that the systems can be easily shut down in case of danger and that the workers are prevented from accidentally accessing internal parts during operation.


Easy and intuitive plant management

The Cybertronic control system has been developed with the latest state-of-the-art criteria. The innovative programming method is the tool that accompanies our clients during their project planning, and the unrivaled equipment suggests any beneficial up-dating for the client to make. The operator visualises all plant parts on a monitor together with the main work/control parameters (calibration values, formulas, temperature, motor absorption). The software advises correct operational functions and any eventual problems/activities to carry out, through an alarm system and short messages. The formulas and the production capacities can easily be set, memorised and retrieved at any later date.


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