Randek ZeroLabor System

Product Description

ZeroLabor in brief

The Randek ZeroLabor Robotic System is a fully automatic robotic system that performs various working processes fully automatic. The system is flexible and can be configured to customer need. The robotic system can be integrated into existing production lines or work as a standalone unit. The system can handle production of: walls, floors and roofs.

  • Sheet handling, the sheet is picked using vacuum cup system from various stacks and placed on building component according to CAD-file, the system is flexible and can handle various sizes of sheets
  • Fastening of sheets: – Screwing – Stapling – Nailing
  • Cut out for openings such as electrical hoses, windows etc
  • The system can handle 1, 2 or 3 layers of sheets
  • Marking of component using inkjet
  • Gluing
  • Waste handling, gypsum waste and osb waste i.e. is placed in different places if needed, i.e directly in waste bin/recycle bin
  • Effective dust extraction system
  • Straightening of building component using working table.
  • Straightening of studs before nailing, ensuring placement of nails on stud

ZeroLabor System brochure

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