Randek Flexi Range

Product Description

Flexi Range in Brief

Flexi Range is a collection of flexible and professional system where some the most proven and well-tested machines from the Randek range are combined to fit Your production. Quality, Safety and Productivity are keywords that are associated with this product range.

  • Machines that will last for more than 30 years
  • Quality, Safety and Productivity
  • Customized to fit Your production

“We have decided to go for a manual nailing bridge, because we believe that CAD/CAM driven bridges are susceptible and that the supposed advantage is eaten up by extra work in the work preparation department. The manual operation of the bridge over the hand cranks is fine; the work rate is very good. The quality of the wood frame construction is significant better because of the steady nail image.”

Flexi Range brochure

Double System SF021


Nailing Bridge NB1000


Curtain System SF010, for production of Curtain Walls.


Framing Station FM1000


Framing Station FM1000TS

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