Grinding Machine STAR 8000 – New Techniques for High Capacity

The target of the newly developed SR-Schindler grinding machines, STAR 8000, is to grind the same output big presses (e.g. tiles 4 x 40/40) produce per shift. No matter hard or soft the stone, big or small the grain in the face mix, SR-Schindler’s Grinding Machines is for all common grinding grades. Schindler’s Blocks Grinding Machine and concrete equipment uses less tool with reduced energy costs.

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Product Description


  • terrazzo tiles
  • cast stone tiles
  • masonry blocks
  • block elements

SR-Schindler Topwerk Grinding MachineSTAR 8000

  • 600, 900, 1200 mm working width, product height up to 320 mm
  • 1-10 working stations, up to10 m/min working speed

Best Mechanics

  • Armoured bed made of grey cast iron with high-precision ground manganese hardened steel plates and multilayer armoured Siegling conveyor belt. Therefore, planar and smooth transport of the tiles and stones is guaranteed
  • Tunnel segment execution with over-dimensioned tool spindles, completely double beared in column guidance

New Actorics and Electronics

  • Frequency controlled servo drives, therefore optimized working speed for each product
  • diamond milling tool, diamond smoothing tool or grinding stone, each tool can be used at each station
  • Reduction of the tool costs up to 30 % and of the energy consumption up to 20 %
  • Low starting current peaks, reduction of the energy supply costs up to 65 %
  • Programmed products, optimized treatment at the touch of a button
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