ESSETRE Techno Progress

Product Description

The Essetre Techno progress is patented CNC working centre, which combines 2 dedicated working areas into 1 machine. Making Essetre Techno Progress both compact and cost effective.

Working area 1 is optimised for processing straight beams up to 800mm W x 400mm H x13,500mm L.

Working area 2 features a moving bed for processing curved glulam beams, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS), and open/closed wall panels with timber frame (optional fastening unit available for applying sheets to wall frames).

The second working area can be sized based around your specific needs. For example, to suit CLT panels sized 3,500mm W x200mm H x 14,000mm L.

Importantly, the Techno Progress is a highly scalable machine. The system can be configured with 1-4 working heads. With the ability to share these heads over the 2 working areas. Plus the ability to start with a single working head and upgrade the machinery as your production demands expand.

Techno Progress brochure

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