Product Description

Essetre is a European company founded in 1979 and for over 40 years has specialised in woodworking machines.

The first Techno PF model was created in 2004 and the technology has continued to evolve through close partnership with international Essetre customers.

The Essetre Techno PF 1250 is designed for processing:

  • Glulam beams
  • Solid Timber beams
  • Small format CLT panels e.g. Binderholz BBS125 or similar.

The max workpiece dimensions are 1300mm W x 300 mm H x 13,500mm L*

* unlimited length with manual loading.

Like all Essetre machine, the exact configuration is made to suit customer production requirements. In the case of the Techno PF the machine can be configured with 1-3 working heads. In the most advanced configurations 2 working heads are above the workpiece (a milling unit & a fixed blade unit), with 3rd head located below the workpiece (milling unit).





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