Product Description

Essetre is a European company founded in 1979 and for over 40 years has specialised in woodworking machines.

The Essetre Techno Multi Wall is a highly flexible CNC machine designed for processing:

  • Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels
  • SIPS panels
  • Timber frame wall panels.
  • Glulam beams

Like all Essetre machine, the exact configuration is made to suit customer production requirements.

Depending on the specific configuration, the Essetre Techno Multi Wall can process maximum workpiece dimensions of up to 8,000mm W x 400 mm H x unlimited length.

The number of working units (head) can be tailored to suit the application. With an ability to configure with multiple milling/drilling units working with tool changers, as well as a high capacity fixed blade unit for maximum cutting speed.


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