Randek Cut Saw SP720


Randek’s high quality and well tested saws have different automation grades that can be adjusted to your requirements. The Randek SP720 features a variety of specialised cut saws for custom applications.

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Product Description

Randek’s SP720 series provides reliable cut saws that are a major asset to roof truss and house producers around the world. The Cut Saw SP720 is the leading solution to cutting and sawing wall panels and timber frames for a variety of housing applications.

The SP720 cut saw is effective, easy-to-use and accurate. It has been on the market for a long time and is continuously improved in close contact with our many customers. The blade on this semi-automatic saw supports both angled as well as inclined cuts, which mean it can make any cuts you may require. You can also use the large diameter blade to cut several sections of stacked timber simultaneously.

  • Angled cuts from 0° to 360° and inclined cuts from 90° to 28°
  • Cut heights up to 260 mm, possible to cut three boards each cutting cycle
  • Computer controlled, resulting in fast adjustment
  • Fixation of timber near the cutting area resulting in accurate cutting


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